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Text/HTML Fragments

Info about Text/HTML Fragments

Text/HTML Fragments is a powerfull extension that helps you include text fragments in your website content. You can make reusable fragments (pieces of text/content) and include them into your content via a tag, like .

If you edit an information page (or category, product or wherever you put the tag), you will still see the tag. But on frontend view of you website all fragment tags will be replaced with the fragment content.

You can use this to insert much used content for instance. Then, if you change the content of the snippet, it changes everywhere you have used the tag.

Text/HTML Fragments provides a very powerful fragments management at OpenCart admin and give you more control over fragments in your website’s content. Plus, using categories also makes fragments easy to manage. Global settings can be set, ........ For each new fragment you create it is possible to override the global settings for that particular fragment.

Text/HTML Fragments works on all content (including third party extensions) on you website, like information, category, product and brand pages, forinstance in the description or title fields. Which field Text/HTML Fragments is working on can be changed, and new fields can be added. Text/HTML Fragments is not altering the content itself, it includes the fragments just before the content is displayed.


  • Compatibility: Text/HTML Fragments works well OpenCart version and above.
  • Fragment Management: Text/HTML Fragments allows you to create unlimited fragments as well as categories and subcategories.
  • Keyword Definition: The extension defines keywords (keyword phrases) in singular or plural, upper-case or lower-case form. You can limit number of keywords shown per article.
  • Excluded Tags: Sometimes the extension finds tags that you don’t want to show keywords in and these tags can be excluded.
  • Custom style: You can insert custom class to links (tooltip, button) or add tag style to keywords when displaying them.
  • Debug with logging: The extension can generate html comments in the website content around the fragments so you can ..... The extension can generate logfiles to ....
  • Easy and friendly administration.
  • Multishop support.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • The extension doesn't overwrite any system files.
  • vQmod or OCMod needed.
  • Help text available within the extension.

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